by Marlène Mocquet
With Longue-vue (Spyglass), the world-work created by Marlène Mocquet, nature has penetrated the interior of the building. A family of herons carries blue and golden apples as cannonballs; symbol of captivity for some, welcoming nests for others. Herons and other ceramic birds have invaded the cornices. Wonderful bestiary just escaped from a horn of plenty or guardians of a garden of Eden populated by joyful and colorful creatures, the nine ceramic sculptures invite the visitor's gaze to climb even higher to linger on the golden paint that illuminates the staircase from its zenith. Composed on several wooden panels, gilded with brass leaf by the Ulgador workshop, the work was specially designed to the dimensions of the box. With the help of a spyglass, visitors can admire the work in its smallest details: Marlène Mocquet represented tiny pink flamingos and numerous birds, perched in the branches of a Salix, a botanical engraving by Pierre Richer de Belleval, who gave his name to the building. The work thus continues the homage paid to the history of the place.

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