The GGL Foundation

The GGL Corporate Foundation encourages contemporary creation and enhances the dialogue between art and heritage, within an exceptional building: the Richer de Belleval hôtel particulier in Montpellier.

As in the palaces of yesteryear, the art has been harmonized with the place. It naturally finds its place in spaces that have remained untouched or have lost their original decorations: the ceiling of a vaulted room, a majestic staircase, the skylight of an Italian-style living room?

The artists chosen by Numa Hambursin were inspired by what has been the soul of the building over the centuries, its symbolic functions, its historical decorations, to draw the material for masterful works, which are at one with the architecture of the building.

Journal – Olympe RACANA-WEILER

From Friday, 10 March 2023 to Saturday, 9 September 2023

After Jim Dine, Claude Viallat, and Tadashi Kawamata, the GGL Foundation is pleased to dedicate an exhibition to Olympe Racana-Weiler (born in 1990). The artist is the first to kick off a succession of three female figures in contemporary art.

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Permanent pieces

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A place steeped in history

The hill that today hosts the Richer de Belleval hotel was chosen in the years 1128-1129 by Guilhem VI, lord of Montpellier, for its dominant location and its breathtaking view ove...

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