Sculptures and paintings

The Twelve-Caesar Staircase

Twelve busts of emperors, from the 17th century and attributed to the sculptor Jean Sabatier, punctuate the periphery of the stairwell. In accordance with the work of Suetonius The Life of the Twelve Caesars, they represent the first twelve rulers of Rome who bore the title of Caesar, from Julius Caesar to Domitian. Under each one, a cartouche illustrating a scene from their reign helps to identify them. A decoration without equal in the history of architecture in France.

The Flute Player

In the main courtyard of the mansion, a pan flute player with a pretty and round face is carved in stone. This fountain is the work of the sculptor Jacques-Louis Guigues, realized between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. Excellent musician and talented sculptor, Jacques-Louis Guigues was also director of the School of Fine Arts of Montpellier and curator of the Fabre Museum.

Faces of the main courtyard

In the main courtyard of the Richer de Belleval hotel, many faces adorn the consoles that once supported busts of deities.

The medallions of the old wedding hall

The former wedding hall, now transformed into a bar, contains four medallions that retrace the history of the city: the “tourteau de gueule”, the Guilhem coat of arms; the Virgin and Child, patron saint of the city since its institution in 1201; the historical emblem of the city of Montpellier; and the seal of the Consulate that governed the city from 1204 to 1789.


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